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For the French impaired. Note this came directly from a language translator so excuse some of the translations. My favourite is what Kitchener's team came out as.

QUEBEC - “the police chief of the League of Ontario can at the same time act like chair Canadian League of hockey and think of equitably serving the interests of the two other leagues juniors (Quebec and Ouest)?”

Being disappointed “nebulous” turning that would have borrowed the League junior of Ontario (OHL) and which prevents Matthew Peca from joining the Ramparts of Quebec, Patrick Roy wonders about the double function which the police chief David Branch assumes.

At the end of a saga which lasted all the summer, of the questions remained without answers to the taste of the Ramparts will lead this player of Ontarian origin to turn the back on hockey Canadian junior to the profit of the team of the Quinnipiac University, to which it envisaged to be referred Friday.

It is in Quebec and nowhere elsewhere, because of the academic facilities which the Ramparts would have offered to him, that the perfectly bilingual player agreed to play, according to what it had confirmed with the “Newspaper of Quebec”, Tuesday.
The Ramparts however believed to have the free field from the beginning to acquire it. The permission obtained of Spitfires de Windsor to discuss with the family Peca, then the abandonment of the 67 ' S of Ottawa of possible steps to acquire the player at the time of his release, had been negotiated between the Ramparts and these two organizations. Agreements to go to dispute in these cities of the matches présaison during two next years had been agreed.

Equip mystery

Confronted with a cul-de-sac with Peca, Windsor thus gave it in Frontenacs Kingston, which inherited in their turn a refusal the family. Subjected to the ballot, the Combat boots of Kitchener then claimed it. Then, the scenario is repeated: the Combat boots borrow also the way of the ballot with right of recall and it is precisely during this phase that the imbroglio will find its origin.

Informed that IceDogs of the Niagara could be interested in Peca, the Ramparts mean with them so that they “forget” the player, which they will do “at five minutes” of the expiry, according to Patrick Roy. However another team would have finally claimed Peca “in these last minutes”, but its identity remains secret.

“There is not the certainty which he was indeed claimed”, Roy raises, who believes “that people hide us the truth”. According to the allusions grabbed here and there during this serial, the OHL would fear the exile of a player of this gauge in a close league. “Can one have the assurance which the player in question was claimed? ”, asked Roy.

Doubly underprivileged
Joined by the “Newspaper of Quebec”, Tuesday, the police chief Branch was remained evasive on the subject, repeating that its league functioned according to “legal procedures” and that a player was to pass by the ballot of his league before hoping to join another of them. The Combat boots of Kitchener had not wanted to comment on the subject.

Saying itself disadvantaged by the thin American basin accessible to the League from hockey major junior from Quebec (only Massachusetts and Connecticut), the direction of the Ramparts is explained duty badly now to be deprived of a player of quality originating in Ontario, which always meant not to want to play in the OHL.
“Work number one of Mr. Branch must be to make it possible to players to evolve in the Canadian League of hockey (which is the regrouping of the three leagues juniors), and this, it the league does not matter”, the pilot of the Ramparts estimated.

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