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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Let's calm down about Tinordi's fighting abilities. He's usually facing guys much smaller than him. Just look at the great Andrew Conboy and how he absolutely dominated the USHL by pounding his opponents day in day out....but then meets some men and get his ass kick, is mishandled or even look pretty average even in his wins. While Tinordi seems to have more "fundamentals" in his fighting abilities (much better balance, protects himself better), you just need to be more careful in assessing how a guy fights until he does it in higher levels.
True enough but I'll take the bloodline any day of the week. I don't see Albert Conboy (example name for the dad ) beating peoples heads in and then see Andrew doing the same fighting just like his dad did

Obviously it doesn't mean a whole lot but I have faith in this kid I think he's been underrated by fans across the league. Big D like this guy take time to develop. I'm sure he's honestly par for the course and people are blowing his question marks out of proportion.

By the way I wasn't really assessing him through the fights just enjoying the fights in general

Plus it's one thing to be 5'7" and win fights against kids in junior etc just because you have strength when other kids haven't filled out yet.

It's an entirely other thing to be 6'7" 200+ and beat those same kids. The 5'7" has no chance against men in the NHL. The 6'7" guy will already be at an above level playing field just due to size. Will he beat the Chara's in the NHL? Doubtful. But even O'Byrne could likely push some average size fighters around if he wanted to.

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