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Originally Posted by Maccas View Post
I'm 24 and have been playing about a year now.
The team I am looking at don't play in a league (No league system in the UK) and to be honest with the exception of a few they aren't of a particularly high standard. Although they do play full contact they are fairly sensible with it (If you can be!) they will certainly give me time to learn before going in too hard and unless I run around like a headless chicken hitting everything in sight then I won't be hit too hard. They pretty much just do it for fun rather than competitively so I'm not too worried, I obviously just want to make sure I am well prepared!

all that it takes is one ******* to really level you. Definitely keep your head up, never lock your knees & since you are somewhat limited on instruction based on where you are, research proper checking techniques before hand (USA Hockey has excellent material on this subject). Even though there are a lot of players out there with years of experience, very few know how to properly employ a check. They forget the purpose of checking is to separate the player from the puck, not the player from their consciousness.

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