Thread: News Article: Crowd in the crease (Leighton)
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08-18-2011, 11:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Bort Sampson View Post
We're clearly not talking about the same thing.

You're blaming the coach for an entire team's failure.
No, I'm putting the public meltdown that happened with the media following that season in the proper context. Citing Roenick (a serial whiner no matter the situation) is not the same thing as paying attention to the host of players that publicly commented on the situation AFTER the season. I'm also noting that the media reported pretty much nothing on everything that was going on, and only after the fact did all the tension and all the backroom discussions come to the surface. The situation was toxic the entire season and management did nothing about it, and that all boiled over in the playoffs.

I'm blaming the entire team (coach included) for the team's failure.

And I remember exactly what happened in that series (the article I posted even restates it). You still don't throw your current team mate under the bus.
1) Barber threw his goalie under the bus in that playoff series.

2) The team as a collective threw the goalie under the bus in that playoff series.

It was no secret that Cechmanek was a weird dude and no one liked him... something he's gone on to prove not just here but in Europe, too.

And how many times has Barber thrown his hat in the ring for a coaching job? Just curious. You can't be "in the running" without your own admission.
Ah... that's not true at all. A team can be interested in hiring a guy and get a "No thanks, not interested." Barber has been a BS organizational hockey operations guy ever since... cuz he was an abject failure as a coach.

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