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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Let's calm down about Tinordi's fighting abilities. He's usually facing guys much smaller than him. Just look at the great Andrew Conboy and how he absolutely dominated the USHL by pounding his opponents day in day out....but then meets some men and get his ass kick, is mishandled or even look pretty average even in his wins. While Tinordi seems to have more "fundamentals" in his fighting abilities (much better balance, protects himself better), you just need to be more careful in assessing how a guy fights until he does it in higher levels.
Not only that but people fail to actually look at how he did in his fights. They just look at his size and just take some uninformed posts about Tinordi being a good fighter and run with it.

Fact is he lost more often than he won and most of the time was fighting players half his size. The only positive thing I took from watching tape on all his fights is that he isn't scared to take a punch and he doesn't have a glass jaw but we'll see how long that holds up when he isn't taking on a 190 pound 19 year old.

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