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08-18-2011, 12:14 PM
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Double fist pump. I hate howard, and get no AM reception in my area (power lines). Now i can finally clearly listen to the flyers clearly.

Kinda sucks for wysp's morning show, I liked Bonaduchi. The only "today's" music is 88.5 or 104.5 And I refuse to pay for XM, it's akin to bottled water for me.

I like the "color" guys more than the hosts. I like jonesy & Al more than Angelo; and I like Dutch more than whomever he is with. When mis had sir charles on, and lead into Dutch and they were trading stories, it was the best radio i've heard in a long time.

I liked Mac & Mac on WIP back in the day though. They were polite to callers and not self important. Too many pundents, especially howard thought they were just as or more important than the game.

Now if they can just get phillies games simulcast on an FM station I'll be set.

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