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08-18-2011, 12:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Oh, so now it isn't just winning a Calder Cup/Jack Adams...?

Barber's team wasn't some no talent group (which is I assume what you're implying). It was a team with some VERY good AHL players. Peter White, in particular.
What "it" are you even talking about?

And I wasn't implying that at all (I loved that Phantoms team, I was at the first game ever and went to a ton of games that season), but nice to see your straw man. And Neil Little was a hell of an AHL goaltender, too. Convenient to see you leave him out, as well as Maneluk, who were just as instrumental in the Calder Cup win.

Barber's team was full of AHL regulars and a few very good AHLers. He led that team to a championship. Boudreau and Stevens' rosters were littered with good, young players about to make the jump to success in the NHL. They rode those teams to championships.

You want to discredit the guy because the team didn't like him and they didn't win with him. That's fine. I just think that the evidence of the team's poor construction was apparent for multiple years. Barber implemented a defensive system. That didn't play well to injury-plagued veterans and offensive-oriented players. The team fell apart down the stretch, despite playing the same system. You point the finger at Barber, but the inability of a number of players to perform during that playoff stint could only be denied by someone blind to reason. Two of the most glaring disappointments were the veterans Leclair and Roenick, who no doubt were fatigued from their Olympic games (6 extra games), as well.


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