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08-18-2011, 12:44 PM
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Originally Posted by JimmyDarmody View Post
Not only that but people fail to actually look at how he did in his fights. They just look at his size and just take some uninformed posts about Tinordi being a good fighter and run with it.

Fact is he lost more often than he won and most of the time was fighting players half his size. The only positive thing I took from watching tape on all his fights is that he isn't scared to take a punch and he doesn't have a glass jaw but we'll see how long that holds up when he isn't taking on a 190 pound 19 year old.
Not sure where you get that he lost more than he won, the fights I saw half of them he won clearly and the other half were pretty even. If he lost any of them it was by a slight margin or it was one of those fights where neither guy got a lot of shots in.

In terms of taking on 190lbs 19 year olds, well he was a 200-205 lbs 18 year old, in 3-4 years where he is filled out, those guys won't be 25-35lbs heavier/stronger, but he will due to his huge frame. Being 6'7" makes him more of a project than a 6' 185lbs guy at the same age because taht player has less filling out and doesn't need to grow into a huge frame.

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