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08-18-2011, 01:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Whether or not the coaches that followed Barber were any good is completely irrelevant to whether he was any good. Hitchcock is a very good coach, Stevens is not... and I've liked and disliked parts of Lavi's tenure.
I wouldn't say completely irrelevent. That's a bit much. You need to establish a baseline to compare and Meltzer's ranking of Flyers coaches of all time has Barber 3 notches above his worst 5 that he goes into detail about. Actually..I'm not even sure that Stevens should be below Barber considering Stevens coached a team that the following year after that disaster transition year made one of the more pronounced improvements in NHL history. He has to get some credit for that as much as I disliked his accomodating vanilla ways that eventually got him canned. Holmgren..yeah he was pretty bad but didn't have that much to work was on the decline due to aging veterans and the league becoming faster. At least Holmgren in his first year accomplished a pretty nice run to the Wales Conference Finals. Ousting Pitt in the earlier series was awesome. The next couple of years of Holmgren's tenure of course started the Flyers 5 year playoff drought which I had the pleasure of enduring. So maybe in some respects Holmgren should be above Barber as well in the ranking....

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