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08-18-2011, 01:40 PM
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I don't know how much this will help WIP. Probably some at first, but I guess it'll end up to be just marginally positive.

Cataldi may be a jackass at times, but he's local and covers what we want to hear first thing in the morning for the most part, and your alternative is Mike and Mike on the other station, and Greeny can be pretty annoying in his own right. I think 97.5 cedes this timeslot, knowing it's not going to win this battle, for now.

The next show I think is most crucial to WIP's new programming in turning things around. Barkann is okay in my book, and a fair amount of people seem to like him so they're probably banking on some DNL fans tuning in earlier in the day to listen to him along with Ike. As for Ike himself, I'm kinda glad he got out of doing that 4 hour stretch with Eskin, perhaps it'll prolong his life. Unfortunately he's still got that voice that sounds a little too gravelly/grating to my ears so cutting him back to 3 hours is fine by me.

And since it's cut to 3 hours the afternoon show starts at 1pm, which undercuts the competitions afternoon show start by an hour. Which is why the 10-1 show is most important in my books in terms of keeping people interested up to the start of the next show and not turning them off until 2pm and the start of Missanelli. Still, as much as Gargano and Macnow's show is pretty much the polar opposite to it's decades long predecessor in terms of host personality, I do think that pairing needed a shakeup, not just a new time slot. Hopefully they've got some new show ideas to bring along.

Rob Ellis nightly starting at 6 is good for me. He's going to get cut off plenty of times during the year by various games, but what can you do? A guaranteed hour is better than nothing. If I had my druthers I would've preferred Ellis in the afternoon, and give Macnow back his solo evening slot, where that could actually be a haven for people who want to call and talk hockey again.

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