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08-18-2011, 03:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Bort Sampson View Post
That's not really how the brain works, and the actual debate is based around what Barber did four years later.

You've already agreed with me that Barber was a good AHL coach. So you're not debating a 10-year-old, because there's no actual debate.

So basically you're floundering. You can't respond to what I say, so you question my credibility on an unrelated manner.

Have a good day.
Dude, your entire position has been a Barber beej... all of your "points" have been addressed, and the primacy of your position is based on the assertion that Barber did a FANTASTIC job with an undermanned AHL team, won a Calder Cup and Jack Adams... and, was, therefore, a fan-*ing-tastic coach and everyone is wrong about his tenure in Philadelphia.

This, of course, ignores my rebuttal that I don't view a good "AHL coach" as a good "coach," because I don't really give a flying **** about how good you are in a developmental league. So, the reality is, the debate is kind of over because you've retreated from arguing that he was a "good coach" to simply attempting a rear defense of the oh-so-awesome job he did in your 10 y/o fantasy land that was the Phantoms 1997-98.

Oh yeah, and Boucher (and the rest of the veterans on the team), were ****** for picking on Barber.

In the end, he was a failure at the NHL level and never coached again after that season.

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