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08-18-2011, 04:23 PM
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Viqsi and 101 illustrate the problem, maybe it's not that poile is too cautious or "he didn't even try," maybe in the end we just didn't have what the other side was looking for.

This is one of the points I making in another thread a couple of days ago. It takes two to trade! If the other side doesn't like what we offer then there's no deal.

When I wrote we could have been in on the Richards trade, the could should have been italicized...because we had similar pieces to give up but they were just not the same quality.

I'm going to ask my question again...What kind of player are "you" looking to get? This is aimed at those who say "he has to make it happen" and "he didn't even try." What would make you say "OK, good, he finally got what we need." A 30 goal guy, 20 goal guy???

What about bergfors? Does that even count? I remember last year people deriding the kostitsyn move, now people consider him an important piece.

And I am not a "poile can do no wrong" guy. I just think he has done a pretty damn good job to this point, so I guess I have some faith in him.

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