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08-18-2011, 04:25 PM
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Like I said, if you want to ***** about everything this team does, go ahead. Don't go around calling anyone who shows the least bit of optimism in this team an idiot though(don't dwell on this part, I'm not singling you out). Just because you're pessimistic doesn't mean your predictions are any more realistic.

We pretty much dominated Boston all season(but the beatdown!!!), and were battling for the division the entire season until down the stretch. You've already seen this argument but injuries, etc... I'd hardly call Montreal a mediocre team last season.

Sure, and Ottawa assembled great teams but didn't win. But at least they built legit contenders with a shot at winning... You can't ask your GM for more than that.

As has been stated above there are 29 other teams. Even if you do everything right and assemble a powerhouse you still might not win. That doesn't mean you shouldn't try to build the best team possible.
I've already pointed this out, luck is involved. Injuries on your team, your opponents team, playing against "softer" opponents. So would you consider San Jose's existence a success so far? I mean aside from some regular season success, what have they exactly accomplished?

You and the others apparently don't care about Montreals playoff success recently, and you discredit their first place finish in 08, so what counts aside from Stanley Cups?

Who says they aren't trying to build the best team possible? This isn't a video game, it takes two GMs to make a deal, and people need to want to come here.

I don't blindly agree with everything management does, I want a Stanley Cup too. If we were like the Leafs since the lockout I'd be pissed, but at least we've iced a competitive team. I have no problem with criticism, but it gets grating seeing the same people blindly hate everything this team does, and then claim they know what's best because they're not "blind to managements flaws".

Montreal signs someone, or makes a trade and your first thought is to point out the flaws, fine. Don't pretend you're smarter just because your glass is half empty.

This is the place where folks go to talk about these things. If they feel the club isn't that great, they'll tell you why. Doesn't make them negative and in fact, they've been much more accurate on how we've finished than guys like you have.
Case in point. I'm not even sure what "guys like you" entails.

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