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Hockey Workout Routine

Came up with a modified hockey workout, wondering what you guys thought about it. Built off the Gary Roberts Nike workout, simplifying some things, and taking some other exercises. Trying to get the most work done in the least amount of time possible with the most intensity.

Theory is that you do two workouts each week and spend 5-10 days recovering before repeating the workout depending on your body. So if you do workout 1 on a Monday and workout 2 on a Thursday and are good to go again on Monday, repeat workout 1. If you're still sore, tired, or can't mentally do it, give yourself a little more time to recover.

This is intended for your average recreational adult who wants to improve his strength and speed on the ice, reduce possibility for injuries, and generally get and stay into shape.

Phase 1 (4-6 weeks)
Builds muscle and strength for greater power and reduced injury

The workouts should be one set of slow reps performed until near failure. Ideally they would be done to failure but I found doing a couple workouts that it was so stressful on the CNS that I needed to back off a bit. Just about the entire body should be hit by these exercises and there are a vareity of push and pull complimentary exercises.

On off days, stay active by playing pickup, shooting pucks, or other sports. I like to shoot baskets, swim, throw around a football or frisbee, just generally be active but without too much intensity.

- 3x Wall Kicks (see Nike program)
- 10x Wall Squats (face wall and squat slowly)
- Inch Worms (see Nike program)
- Medicine Ball Twists (see Nike program)
- Prone Cobra Twists (see Nike program)

Day 1 (lower body)
- Warmup
- Dumbbell Split Squats
- Kettlebell Swings (or Dumbbell Straight Leg Deadlifts)
- Bent-Over Row
- Side Plank Extension
- Back Bridge (hold as long as possible with good form)

Day 2 (upper body)
- Warmup
- Pullups (use assists as needed)
- Dumbbell Press & Curl
- Swiss Ball One Arm Bench Press (or on bench if needed)
- Swiss Ball Tricep Extensions (or on bench if needed)
- Front Plank (hold as long as possible)

Phase 2 (4-6 weeks)
Improve functional strength, speed, and agility

Explosive exercises should have strong and complete loading and soft landings. Ideally you would use a Russian Box instead of jump squats. With hill sprints, focus on exploding up the hill off each leg instead of pure speed, then jog/walk down and rest. Try and mimic a hockey shift (explosive speed followed by light work, then rest on the bench).

Day 1 (strength)

- Warmup
- Jump Squats (or Russian Box work)
- Kettlebell Swings (or One Leg One Arm Dumbbell Deadlifts)
- Pullups (use assists as needed)
- Pushups (use assists as needed)
- Medicine Ball Wood Chop
- Medicine Ball Sweated Ab Twists

Day 2 (speed)
- 5-10 minute walk/jog
- Agility Ladder In-Outs
- Agility Ladder Icky Shuffle
- Agility Ladder Snake
- Hill Sprints (as many as you can)

Phase 3 (ongoing)

Repair and recovery

This one I don't have yet, but it would be a once or twice weekly yoga/stretching program during the hockey season. Something fairly relaxing that would warm up and then stretch the muscles with a little bit of core and stability work.

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