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Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
Not sure where you get that he lost more than he won, the fights I saw half of them he won clearly and the other half were pretty even. If he lost any of them it was by a slight margin or it was one of those fights where neither guy got a lot of shots in.

In terms of taking on 190lbs 19 year olds, well he was a 200-205 lbs 18 year old, in 3-4 years where he is filled out, those guys won't be 25-35lbs heavier/stronger, but he will due to his huge frame. Being 6'7" makes him more of a project than a 6' 185lbs guy at the same age because taht player has less filling out and doesn't need to grow into a huge frame.
I've seen all of them thanks to the Knights games I've watched and this great little site: .

The fight reviews are pretty much as accurate as it gets.

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