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Originally Posted by Dave is a killer View Post
fine ... give 'em Fisher OR Erat + a draft pick
Erat has a NMC, and I don't see Poile trading away one of his two centers that is even close to being a top six center, especially considering the guy waived his NTC to come here because of his wife. Not for a single year, or more realistically a partial year, of Parise.

Originally Posted by Adz View Post
Okay, how about Alexander Semin? He has a year left, huge money, but on a team that's over their cap limit. So we won't give them anything because our taking on $6.5 million is their "help". But if we must, we can give 'em O'Reilly.
Originally Posted by Adz View Post
WE aren't staring at being almost a million dollars over the cap and we're in no danger of hitting a cap ceiling. Trading Shea isn't really of benefit to us.

As for Semin being a discipline problem, so was Sergei Kostitsyn. Sometimes a move out of the media spotlight can be very helpful. And let's face it...Nashville is pretty far out of the media spotlight. ;-)
Semin's problems seem to be that he just doesn't care. He has a ton of skill, but he only cares half of the time. I agree with Matt Bradley when he said that Semin could be in the conversation for one of the best forwards in the league if he would put in 100% rather than the 50% or so he is giving now. That's a pretty big risk to take on a team that prides itself on, and succeeds through, hard work. Not only could it cost us, though I'm sure Semin could produce enough to cover that, it could create a rift in the locker room. Weber could take it as a slight to his captaincy, and Semin might be even less inclined to play hard. These are very real possibilities to consider when trading for a guy on such a high cap hit when he is going to be a UFA at season's end. I'd say risk it if they can take what we can provide, but don't overpay by much to get him if you overpay at all. Radulov burned us in the past, so if there is even a hint that Semin is unhappy in the NHL I wouldn't expect Poile to trade away any roster players.

And as Paranoid said above me, Washington has about 100 options to get them back under the cap. Trading Semin isn't on the list.

Originally Posted by Viqsi View Post
By similar logic, it would be "helpful" for someone to take Weber for nearly nothing so the Preds can save money and not worry about the contract issues. Semin still has a considerable amount of value.

That said, it'd seem reasonable to presume he'd be available for the right price. Unfortunately, I haven't the slightest clue what Washington's needs are (other than to get their collective tuchus in gear in April ) and so I couldn't really speculate any further.
I think the Caps are set right now. They might get into the season and find a need either through the team's play or through injuries, but as of right now I don't think there is a glaring hole. At least not one that can only be plugged by trading Semin. I don't think they will trade him unless he simply begins to flat out refuse to play.

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