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08-18-2011, 05:05 PM
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Originally Posted by gluvhand View Post
I do. And though your TV isn't stretching the image, from the photos you supplied, the Verizon box is. Yes, obviously stretching and upscaling aren't the same thing, but what you are showing us is both. I do the same thing on my display to avoid the side pillars but I know I'm sacrificing some action, minute it may be, on all sides.
It depends on the channel & the signal being broadcast.... You're on FiOS right? Tune to channel 127 which is History International. It's a non-HD channel, but it displays full screen 16:9 format, with zero distortion, and crisp/clear picture quality.... There is no HD counterpart for this channel.

I do acknowledge there is some stretching on my set during MSG broadcasts, but it's not easily discernible unless you really look for it or concentrate on it. Compare this image to someone viewing a MSG (SD Feed) with a cablebox that does not scale video. It would be much worse and lower resolution. In fact a couple users on the previous thread, had FiOS, but did not have their boxes set to scale the video resolution and when they adjusted their settings, they noticed a marked improvement in the picture quality. In the context of this thread discussion, you may have some users thinking if they switch to a cable company that does not have MSG HD, that they're going to be stuck with some miserable picture quality when watching Ranger games. The reason I referred to the pictures I posted, is to illustrate that it's not nearly as bad as some might think, and quite tolerable. I adjusted pretty quickly, and I had previously been watching MSG HD for the prior 3 seasons when I had CV.

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