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Originally Posted by Tikkanen View Post
I don't get joint pain and I honestly believe I avoid general soreness due to the fact that I use supplements before I work out or play hockey. If I have 2 games on Sunday when I wake up Monday I feel normal. I worked for Fed Ex from 30 up until February of this year so my body was in a constant state of repair mode, never really had more than 1 day for recovery. Based on your job you might want to look into using supplements 5 days a week so you avoid the worn down feeling. It can be something as simple as adding some Whey protein to your diet in the morning, daily vitamins, more water, I'd experiment until you feel good every day.
-GNC wheybolic extreme 60 twice a day
-GNC Mega Men Sport multi twice a day
-GNC triple strength fish oil once a day.

My diet is clean. The only thing lifestyle wise is probably not enough sleep and a little too much drinky at times I'll be working on those two.

I've always been like this honestly. Even in college I was the guy on the back of the bus with ice packs on every part of my body coming back from games. I think some are just built a little more rugged than others. Like you said I'm not really ever getting a chance to recover between work, the gym, and hockey.

Alleve before games. Maybe I'll try that.

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