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Originally Posted by Forsead View Post
Number of hits doesn't equal to being mean, look at Pronger one of the meanest, toughest guy in the league and he doesn't have alot of hits. Plus O'byrne was kind of soft when it was the time of clearing the front of the net (a very important thing) and if you hit alot, but it's all small hits you're not in the most physical guys. Just compare Komisarek and O'byrne when they were both here.
Pronger plays a mean game because of his stickwork, I don't think I would associate him in any way with being tough. I can't recall the last time he fought. He uses reach, smarts and a mean straek to be effective, but he isn't a guy that will constantly punish guys. Not like say Komisarek in his big year(07-08) where he was intimidating with hisw hits. You say they are not big hits, when was the last time you saw Pronger paste anybody?

I think you vastly underrate O'byrne and his impact, I don't think he was ever used to maximum capacities here because JM didn't have confidence in him and he knew it. You have to trust your players and instill that in them, JM always had OB looking over his shoulder for the next benching/healthy scratch.

Originally Posted by JimmyDarmody View Post
How does your point remain when a) your notion of Tinordi winning most his fights was shot down and b) you don't know for a fact that Tinordi will ever play at 240, much less how that weight will translate into fighting ability (see Mike Komisarek).
He did win most of his fights, I looked at all the videos and 5-6 were draws and he won the others. The only one you can say he truly lost was the Carroll one where he got tangled up into an awkward position and took 4-5 shots at the end. He is 18 and still learning, I don't expect him to KO everybody he fights.

Komisarek played college hockey where you can't fight. Tinordi plays in the OHL and already has 10-12 fights under his belt.

In terms of his weight, if you have seen him in a t-shirt you'd know he has the frame to be a very big man(235-250lbs) in 3-5 years.

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