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08-18-2011, 06:01 PM
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Originally Posted by DieselCGY View Post
We fliped White for Babchuk so it worked out. Phaneuf is overrated. Aside from his first 2 seasons in Calgary, he is garbage. I'd rather have Giordano over Phaneuf any day. The return would have been better if Feaster made that trade.. It's in the past so of course on these boards something that happened nearly 2 years ago is just as it were yesterday. When Maple Leafs do better then the Flames then you can come talk all the S*** you want. Until then, worry about your own team.
I would too, but that doesn't mean the Phaneuf deal was a good one or that one precludes the other. I don't see what Giordano has to do with Phaneuf. We talk about him as if he were absolute garbage. The truth is we lost that trade, badly. Even if it was Phaneuf straight up we lost, but throw in Aulie and it isn't even remotely close. I'd still rather have Phaneuf than Bouwmeester. I realize that I'm in the minority on that, but it's my opinion. We were a playoff team with Phaneuf, we haven't been since with JBo. Dion is a more physical, better offensively and played with an edge. People talk about JBo like he's Chelios defensively, he's not. He was sheltered playing with RR and I think it will show this year unless he plays with Giordano.

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