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08-18-2011, 06:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Little Bunny Foo Foo View Post
Anaheim was the better team. Nashville was the better team in that series.
It should also be noted that Anaheim played that series w/o their number one goaltender.
The Ducks were ravaged by injuries all year. Not just Hiller at the end.

Your other questions?
SJ was the better team. Ana matched up against them well and was the better team in that series.
I don't know about all your logic then, you'd probably say Vancouver was the better team than Boston...but Boston won the championship because they matched up better?? Just because a team is better on paper...doesn't mean theyre the better team. Keyword here is TEAM. This takes into account matchups and etc. When two teams play eachother and one wins out, that gives you a better idea of who the better team actually is, rather than comparing standings and pointing out that because of the fact one team finished in a higher spot than the other (albeit a very, very small margin) it makes one team better than the other. Since Championships are won by the BEST team, by your logic, the championship should be given to the Presidents Trophy winner...(which I wouldn't mind...that means the Sharks would have one championship and the Ducks would have none) hehehe

EDIT: As for the Nashville/Anaheim reference, I agree...I think it could have been a different outcome if the Ducks had Hiller. But the fact that you said SJ was the better team that year they lost to Anaheim in the playoffs, is making me question you. Even though I'm still PO'd about that series, if you're the better team, there's no way you lose 4 out of 6 games in the playoffs. If another team is able to outsmart/outplay/outmatch you in a playoff series, then I'm sorry you are not the better team. In this case, as much I hate admitting it, the Ducks were the better team as opposed to SJ...

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