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08-18-2011, 06:45 PM
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Originally Posted by HagelinForPresident View Post
Didn't say he wasn't worth that price. I said he's not worth that price when he's on a one year deal. Unless there was an agreement in place to re-sign with us, I don't make that deal.
While the focus needs return to the original subject of LW, I appreciate the courtesy of a response to the above.

The poster prior to my earlier post had a 2 step plan. Get Weber now, while he's possibly available relatively cheap and then go after Parise next year.

Weber on the theoretical market, as a RFA just signed, would cost 4 firsts.
The offer suggested is value-wise somewhat in line with that overall, and has the advantage of giving the Preds players now and only 1 pick as compensation for which waiting comes with the territory.

Now, that said, Preds may well get a better offer.
But it was a reasonable offer given there is only the one year.
If they let us negotiate with him first, and we wrapped him up long term, that would not be enough of a package to land him.

So what you have to remember is you are discounting big time what it would take to get Weber locked up long term, so it's a reasonable set of numbers given that.

Yes, I make the deal.
As to a more likely actual deal, I think the Preds want instant scoring, and seem to have enough D, so I see something like Boyle instead of Del Zotto, and additional compensation for the rights to Radulov}

But either way, we can afford to pay the price, and get better instantly with Weber, and have inside track on re-signing. {I'm not sure if he stays on a one year can he bolt as UFA and leave, or does he have to give one more year as RFA before opting clean break as UFA. Think it has something to do with how many more games he plays, but I'm not sure. Point is, outside chance if he leaves, we may get something to offset.} Besides, outside of Vancouver, what other team/city has as good a shot as us at 3-5 year deal?

We are tough enough, and there is more on the way with McIlrath.
And losing Thomas makes us wince. But we have Kreider in abeyance.
But Weber would INSTANTLY transform our power play.
And know half of you will disagree, but if push comes to shove, if we are getting real value in return, moving surplus D to gamble on young guys at the cusp is worth it.
If you had
Staal - Weber
McD - Sauer
and Eminger buys you a year, setting Del Zotto in or out of the picture, how much does that really kill our D? Answer: not too much, really.

So yeah, I make that deal even if it's 1 year only and with risk.
Nothing is a given, there is always injury to contend with, yada, yada, yada...
But Weber now for that reduced payment makes us bonafide contenders for the Cup, especially if we can get the power play going.
Sure we need a guy like Hagelin to show a presence and scoring touch.
We need to find one or two guys and trade up for them.
We need to be lucky, not only good.

But the point is, with Weber, and not a ton paid for him, we really are good enough!

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