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Originally Posted by Forsead View Post
Not a JM thing, stop with JM (he has his flaws, but not on this one IMO), O'byrne was playing the same way under Carbo. You just showed that being mean doesn't equal to hit with Pronger, he is nasty and not just with the stick, but with the elbow, gloves in faces, pushing alot of guys especially in front of the net(IMO that's what a guy need to do to be mean, not just hitting). I'm pretty sure Pronger is much more intimidating than Komisarek or O'byrne. If you want nasty, mean hitting though, just compare Komisarek and O'byrne when they were on the same team at the same time, it wasn't the same thing at all. There is different way of being intimidating and mean, O'byrne has none.
OB wasn't as intimidating in Montreal because he was playing scared. When you know your next mistake puts you on the bench or in the press box you're not going to run around and run guys over or be too agressive and take a penality and have the same result.

Pronger has never been in the same stratosphere as the season Komisarek had in 07-08, he wasn't the same the following year and really fell apart when he blew up his shoulder. Pronger's physical/intimidation thing is massively overrated because of a few suspensions on cheap shots 5 or 6 years ago. The last few years he can barely stay in the lineup let alone scare anybody.

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