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08-19-2011, 12:15 AM
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Question for all of you, I have 3 - 360 consoles (bought 1 the others were gifts), none of which are the slim model. I basically just use the one console (elite 120gig) in my bedroom and have one other in my living room (60gig) that is almost exclusively used as a dvd player. The other is an arcade console I got as a gift, which is currently sitting under my bed, that I sold the cords for to a friend that needed them.

Now I have another friend who wants a 360 and is offering to trade me his wii (which is softmodded) and a handful of (licensed) games for my 60g console and likewise a handful of games. I don't have his list of games yet, but the games I have are all pretty old (and none are over $7 on Given current trade values and such I have my console and games valued at around $200 (if traded to EB).

I think my son (3 y.o) would probably enjoy having a console he can sort of play (and grow into using a bit easier) rather than having a 360 he just pushes buttons on to make noises.

Now, I realize there is some info missing (ie. list of games) but given the info I currently have, would it be worth it to trade my 360 for a Wii, or would I be better off looking to sell it on eBay (kijiji is over saturated, no idea about craigslist) and perhaps getting better value for it?

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