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08-18-2011, 11:44 PM
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Originally Posted by SergeConstantin74 View Post
You know you can keep your cheap comments for yourself. I'm as much a Canadian as you are.
My implications didn't go to patriotism and weren't personal.

My implications went to a kind of systemic corruption that anyone with any familiarity with either a) Quebec business or b) Quebec politics, knows is rampant in the culture.

That's why Roy thought he could get away with this kind of crap. The waiver system is supposed to work, as other posters have mentioned, to give players who are overlooked or discarded in their original territory a second chance. Matthew Peca wasn't overlooked or discarded. He was drafted first by Windsor, his rights were then traded to Kingston who tried to get him to report, he was then waived by Kingston and picked up by Kitchener who wanted him to report, then he would have been picked up by Niagara but for some palm-greasing by Patrick Roy.

This is clearly not an example of an unwanted or discarded player. It's an example of a corrupt Quebec League GM trying to manipulate a loophole in the system to try and end run around the territorial integrity of another league.

Patrick Roy questioning anyone else's integrity is pretty well the definition of irony.

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