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08-19-2011, 10:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Less Habitats View Post
@Lafleurs Guy

I see that we finished 6th, while we missed our best/most important player, an important role player/PKer, our hottest offensive player/power forward down the stretch, and were 1 goal away from advancing to the second round and I see a good future for this team.
Markov is great but he's a huge injury risk just as he was last year. We can't use him as an excuse anymore. Whatever he does is a bonus.

As for us having a good future, I'm much more optimistic about it because of Subban. He looks like a guy who could actually be a future star and if we have him and Price hitting all cylinders going forward that is actually something serious to build around.
Originally Posted by Less Habitats View Post
You see it as a failure(or maybe just mediocre?), and you think we should've finished higher. You aren't happy thinking about the future because we've been in this position before and it hasn't improved yet and I get that.
Well... I'm not sure about failure. We DID play better last year and that was a very good thing. If anything, I think we overachieved. I actually have us in 5th this year so I see us getting better primarily because of Subban and Price.

My problem with the club hasn't been our drafting... we've done very well with that. If you take a look, the guys who we're excited about aren't the guys who we've traded for as vets, it's the young guys who we're developing. I just would've liked to have seen more of that and I think we'd have been better off now if we'd gone that route a few years back that's all.

Originally Posted by Less Habitats View Post
I think my original argument was about some of the fans who would rather be right than watch this team succeed. They don't want this team winning under the Gauthier school of thought. They want it built their way, but as we've discussed, there's no one way to build a championship team, and plenty of luck is involved.
I've seen some guys go overboard to make a point (I've done this on occassion too) but I don't think anyone here would rather see the team fail in order to be right. I can tell you that I was thrilled two years ago when Halak (a guy who I didn't believe in) led us past arguably the two best teams in the league. I was dead wrong on him and happy to admit it. I think most folks were too.
Originally Posted by Less Habitats View Post
If we're going to craft our team after the last team to win a cup we'd be changing the dynamic every year. We can't sit here and say we only got through the 2010 playoffs because of goaltending, and then praise Boston this year. Tim Thomas was otherwordly this season, after they wanted to get rid of him last year.
Well, I agree with you. I don't like changing the dynamic of a team every year. I like taking a long term approach and building with high picks and good prospects. I don't believe in the FA way of doing things either and I was admittedly shocked that Boston won the cup last year.

But I won't be shocked if they win it in the future. They've ripped off the Leafs to the tune of Seguin, Rask and last year's pick. That's a hell of a lot to build with.
Originally Posted by Less Habitats View Post
Edit: My post was made before I read your last posts, you're not as pessimistic as the others so I don't mean to single you out, but you seemed to be the most sensible to argue with.
No worries.

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