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Originally Posted by bostone737 View Post
I wasn't going to reply here but there is sooooo much irony in your post. Picture how insufferable bruins fans will be this year. Thatís what Bruins fans have been dealing with from Montreal fans since forever. Culminate cups before fair and structured drafting and salary caps is overrated.
Whatever you need to do to feel better about yourself.

Fair and structured drafting, yes we benefitted from regional drafting but you seem to think Mtl had this unique advantage. All teams had regional protection, each NHL franchise had exclusive rights to players within its 50-mile territorial limits. Obviously Toronto and Montreal would benefit more than the american teams. The habs farm system was ridiculous back then because they would sign virtually every quebec players worth anything to a minor league contract, but there was in fact nothing keeping other teams from signing a player from Chicoutimi. Probably the most famous example of this was Bobby Orr. The leafs blew it with Orr, who signed with the Bruins at 14 and played for Oshawa who were the junior team affiliated with Boston. Does anyone doubt the leafs would have invoked there regional rights with Orr if possible. Yes we had an advantage, but more because of good scouting and business practice than the regional drafting fallacy. Rejean Houle is, I believe the only player of note that came from this, and given what he did to the habs in the 90's I kind of wish we didn't gain that advantage.

Salary caps would have virtually meaningless until the 90's. The Habs didn't spend demonstrably more than other teams, they did however have a unique ambassador program that kept players on the payroll well after there playing days were done.

Boston has every right to be proud and celebrate their cup victory, just as we have every right to be proud of our 24 cups, many of which came at Boston's expense. Hopefully we won't wait much longer for # 25. In 100 years nobody will really care about who won the cup in 2011, they will still be adding up the # of cups won as the barometer for a teams success.... we'll still have more than any other team.

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