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08-19-2011, 12:20 PM
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Originally Posted by WestIslander View Post
He also brings the following to the team:

- Baggage and a negative attitude
- Bad mouthing the coach and system to third party media outlets
- Lazyness on and off the ice
- Under achieving for more than three seasons
- Not showing up when he does not feel like it and a poor care level
Since when he brings negative attitude? He may not be the most vocal guy but he's never known for having attitude problem in the lockeroom.

Cammy also "challenged" the coach in a practice because he wants to play a more offensive system. Should we consider him as bad mouthing the coach as well?

Watch the game, AK is not lazy. Typical cliche here. If he is lazy, then so is Gomez and Cammy.

Yes he is underachieving for the people expecting 30 goals from him but he clearly has not reach that point and probably never will with the Habs. And let me remind you that only one player score 30 goals with the Habs in the last 15 seasons so it isn't that easy scoring 30 in Montreal. At least, AK is averaging 20 goals in his last 4 seasons.

Poor care level? . A guy that doesn't care would not go see the coach for advice. And from the so scandalous interview he had a couple of days ago, he went for advice more than once.

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