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Originally Posted by Tootoo Train View Post
Hey utmfisher I'd be very interested in joining your league. I have yet to play in a keeper league, but I have about 4 years of fantasy experience with hockey, baseball, autoracing and very active. From that you can decide which group I belong. (I don't mind beating up on the younglings) I've also never used ESPN before for fantasy so I hope it will be an easy transition. Just a couple of questions about keepers and the league in general. Are trades allowed throughout the season, are there any DL spots with FA available, and what are the applicable stats. Cheers!
Sweet. I'll put you in the highest league that has an available slot then as it seems you have some good experience. I'll get back to you via PM asking for your email addy and to tell you which league you will be joining at the beginning of next week.

ESPN is very easy to use. They use live stats and the league board is very easy to manipulate and custom create with backgrounds, chat-rolls, etc.

Answers: Yes, you can trade as many times as you want throughout the season. The only restriction is how many players you can add/drop per week (6) and roster spots (3C, 3RW, 3LW, 2F, 4D, 3UTIL, 2Goalies, and 5 Bench spots). There are 3 IR spots available. Unlike Yahoo, cbs sportsline, etc, ESPN allows you to place players that are considered "OUT" for the future games (but not on their NHL team's IR) on the fantasy league's IR. And lastly, the stats are:

Position players: Goals, Assists, +/-, PIM, PPP (PP points), SHP (SH points), FOW, ATOI, Hits, Blocked Shots, SOG, and D-manPoints to total 12.

Goalies: W, SA, SV, SO, GAA, SV%, and Goalie Win % to total 7.

This is setup by Head-to-head matchup by category (aka if you win 10 categories, lose 6, and tie 3 your record is 10-6-3). Hope this helps.

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