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Originally Posted by bsl View Post
Jeez. Everybody take a chill pill. I've said it before, there is a split on this board:

There's guys who expect the organization to pursue Cups. Not good showings, Cups. We want the Club de Hockey Canadien to manage and build accordingly. I am in that group. We do not expect cups all the time now, but we ask for the aggressive and intelligent pursuit of them, always. Every guy in this group loves the Habs, and loves them way more than any other fan in the NHL loves their team. It's blood. I know this.

And then there are guys who cheer on the Habs for aiming for the playoffs and doing well. Fair enough. It's obvious you guys love the Habs as well.

I'm not here to dictate. But if you want the truth from me? You guys who accept mediocrity and use a 30 team league as an excuse piss me off.

You need to aim higher. You know why? Because this club has aimed higher for 7 decades. This club is special. Never accept mediocrity from the Habs, you do not deserve mediocrity from this club. You deserve excellence.

All the Habitants (Not 'Habitats') ask is that you love them and come to watch them play. That is all they have ever asked, and man have they delivered.
I want them to pursue cups too. I'm just realistic about it. I understand there's only certain players who want to play for each team. Only so many coaches, GM's etc in the NHL that can be had. 29 other teams trying to win a cup too. They are pursuing a cup and people who don't think they are just because they don't go about it their way are just being naive and arrogant frankly. They know better than we do how to run a team. I don't understand how being realistic and understanding this defaults us optimists to being the folk who don't want management to pursue a cup. That notion is absolutely ludicrous and is the type of comment I've been complaining about all along. The pessimists just don't get it. They think it's a lot easier than it is and automatically assume management just doesn't care because we haven't succeeded in winning that cup yet. I on the other hand don't just automatically assume the completely preposterous notion that not winning = not wanting to win.

Sorry but I don't operate on some retarded assumption that management isn't actively trying to pursue a cup just based on the fact that we didn't land Lecavalier or whoever News flash, you see as much behind closed doors as I do. Who are you or anyone else to assume that they haven't tried landing guys who would make a difference?

The mere fact that the pessimists in this thread try to pain the optimists with that brush is just annoying. So just because I'm realistic and understand it's a 30 team league I'm supposed to just bow down and accept that I'm some tool who doesn't want the team to win, doesn't care about the cup, just because we haven't won one yet and I'm okay with progress?

A lot of the pessimists sound like 40 something+ people who are still living in the past and simply can't accept the fact that we won most of those 24 cups by being in an advantageous position and smaller league. So now they come on here to whine and tell the optimists how stupid and wrong they are and say we're an 8th place team year after year in hopes that finally one day they'll actually be right more than 20% of the time. It's like they'd rather the team fails just so they can be right on an internet forum It gets tiresome when all you ever hear is euro bash this, Gauthier trade **** up that, Gainey with no real statement, opinion, nothing to back up their words.

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