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Originally Posted by macavoy View Post
You can call it a twisted or proposterous view but it's reality. There is a double standard, scrubs get significcantly longer suspensions than star players. It's not a coincidence. Those lots of people who want a committee but they don't have $100+m invested in the game.
Whether or not it's the system in place I can't say, sure seems like it. But it's definitely preposterous to say the least because that 100$m+ shouldn't weigh into the decision on suspending a player or not.

Money is important for sure it is a business but sports aren't supposed to be rigged like that. I mean if that's the case that the NHL is willing to allow somebody not to be suspended in order to make money whose to stop them from just paying players to purposely suck and/or lose. Throw a game in other words. It's not like it's legal in boxing or UFC for somebody to throw a fight in order to make themselves more money, I certainly wouldn't deem it acceptable if they do so in order to make the UFC more money either. So why is it okay for the NHL to do the same thing but in terms of not suspending a guy who clearly deserved it.

Now luckily the hit wasn't in say 1st round game 3. But it definitely had an impact on our season and maybe even on the Bruins actually making it past the first round. We'll never know but if you agree with this kind of system I must say it is definitely twisted from a fan perspective. I think we can both agree that it really isn't fair to do that, now whether or not that's the reasoning I won't even argue it, I think it's one of the many potential reasons.

In this case I think it had more to do with bias than the $ they'd lose because Chara for 2-5 games in the regular season is meaningless to them. Those tickets are still going to sell.

I find that quite frustrating though honestly, how the NHL has favoritism toward certain teams and players. It really isn't right imo. Part of the reason I hate baseball is because of the fact that no salary cap = favors rich teams. Now obviously in the NHL finances cause problems for teams too even with a cap but without one it just limits the amount of competitiveness throughout the league. I don't like that how it's an 8 team game year after year and it's always the same 8 teams.

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