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08-19-2011, 02:49 PM
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Originally Posted by WestIslander View Post
He also brings the following to the team:

- Baggage and a negative attitude
- Bad mouthing the coach and system to third party media outlets
- Lazyness on and off the ice
- Under achieving for more than three seasons
- Not showing up when he does not feel like it and a poor care level
You are getting this baggage and negative attitude from third party sports papers. Alot of his message can be twisted and lost in translation. I have never met the guy, so i cannot confirm or deny these claims. Bad mouthing the coach i think again was taken out of context, not every player will be able to agree on everything with the coach. That doesnt mean he should be shipped out. Mike Richards was said to have had arguments in Philly, does that mean he is a bad player? I would love Mike Richards in a Habs uniform. Tempers flare, people have different personalities and views on a topic, doesnt mean he is a bad and negative person. I dont think Andrei is lazy on the ice. Lazy gets thrown around soo loosely towards players. I understand people know he could give more effort on some nights, but so could other people as well. He just seems like a scape goat because he has a high talent level and was drafted ahead of alot of stars in the league in 2003 (Getzlaf, Richards). I dont see how 20 goals a year and 40-50 point player is under achieving. He may become a 30 goal scorer but he will never be a top talent point per game player, atleast not in montreal.

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