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Here are my thoughts per each offensive line.

First Lines: The Express first line includes a high-scoring centre in Chouinard, who can feed the puck to two known goal-scorers in Havlat and Riley. Larouche serves as a primary playmaker with a glue guy and a winger who can score.
Advantage: Even

Second Lines: Our second line includes a proven play-maker in McCourt, a crafty goal-scorer in Sinisalo, and a two-way hard working player in Sutter. I think Khylstov is way too small to be effective, he will be overpowered by the grit of our bottom-6, McKegny is a decent offensive player who can hold his own, and Flett will do what he can to protect the microscopic Russian.
Advantage: Express

Third Lines: I think we have the best third line in the draft, given the task to shutdown the opposition, this line will be able to eliminate many scoring chances and keep the puck out of their own zone. Garnish has a bit of a confusing third line that I don't think is up to the task of competing against our first line.
Moderate Advantage: Express

Fourth Lines: A prototypical glue-guy, a two-way centre and a prolific scorer vs. a tough grinder, a play-maker and a player I'm not sure is MLD caliber in Jason Pominville, maybe better served as a spare. The line functions similarly to a top-six line with lots of grit, Irvine and Ruuttu will create chances by winning battles in the corner or knocking the opposition of the puck, setting up Bubnik for a scoring chance.
Advantage: Express


First Pairing: As I've stated above, I like Guevremont's power play and offensive ability better than Galley's, and I think Warren Godfrey was a better defensive defenseman than Brad Marsh.
Advantage : Express

Second Pairing: Our pair includes two two-way defenseman who play both ends effectively, while the Dragons have more of a defensive mentality. That I assume will be a serviceable shutdown pairing.
Slight Advantage: Dragons

Third Pairing: Our pairing includes two defensive minded defenseman which serves as a primary shutdown unit, Hedican's speed and Quinn's toughness form a reasonable shutdown pair, I don't know much about Sidorenkov but Hannan is a solid bottom pairing defenseman, having known more about the Russian counterpart I'd make a more decisive review.
Advantage: Express

Spares: Greg Adams elevated his play in the post-season, but wasn't spectacular throughout his career, Ketola seems like a good offensive spare, Mikko Koivu Is a good spare at this level IMO. He is a leader and has a few international accomplishments to his name, Dustin Brown is a solid two-way player who could occupy a vacancy due to a bottom-six injury. Zalapski was alright, he could never really put it together and he was a defensive liability, not a bad offensive D spare, Doug Lidster and Alf Pike offer offensive and defensive ability respectively, I don't see the need for a third goaltender nor do I see Biron as an MLD capable backup goaltender.
Advantage: Express

Goaltending: I like Bouchard and I think he is one of the better goalies in the MLD, however he isn't the type to steal a game for his team, and he has pretty abysmal playoff statistics. Eddie Johnston played on a better team, but when he was given the chance, he shone brightly in the postseason. He has 2 cups to his name, Puchkov is a good MLD backup, but so is Theodore, he has some very impressive accolades including a Vezina and a career winning record while playing for mediocre teams in his career. Puchkov has some nice Russian accolades, but he played in the Sologubov era when the Russians weren't exactly playing the best players from other countries, so it's not a farfetched statement to say Puchkov and Theodore are on a similar level, and could even be argued that Theodore is a better backup, and I don't think Biron will be a factor.
Advantage: Even

Coaching: We both have similar coaches, but last time Murray went up against Carlyle who won? Murray's all time record perhaps trumps Carlyle's short resume, but Carlyle has missed the playoffs once in his career, and has been known to get success out of his entire lineup.
Slight Advantage: Express

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