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08-19-2011, 03:35 PM
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I'd be alright with many of these ideas.

-Hybrid icing: (note: no touch icing sucks) Keeps the element of the race to cancel icing, but eliminates the danger of the boards. There is no advantage to touch-up over the hybrid, and this needs to get in the game right away. Many leagues already use it and it works.

-Trapezoid: Thought to keep the flow of play moving, but turns out to do the opposite. By not letting goalies in the corners, the transition game that keeps hockey so exciting is greatly affected. Remove the trapezoid and you will have a faster game.

-Shallow nets: Looks like this is gonna happen; it creates more room behind the net and thus more scoring.

-Bear hug: I love this rule, but I'm not sure how it will be differentiated from holding. Is it only allowed if you fully wrap both arms around? Not sure how it'll look, but it seems like something that wouldn't hurt the game and would increase the safety of players.

-Full 2 minutes served: Loved this, you get a penalty, serve the full 2. The NHL had this for years until the 1950s when they allowed a player to come out early if a goal was scored. A similar idea I'd be in favor of is if a goal is scored in the first minute of the PP, you get another minute of PP time. I.e. you score and there's till 1:27 left on the man-advantage, there would now be 1:00 on the PP.

-4on4, 3on3, five man shootout. That's how overtime should be, 3on3 is awesome.

-Get rid of the loser point. You either win or lose, like in the MLB.

-Not opposed to the verification line, just don't see it helping that much, considering many questionable calls are when the puck is on its side.

-I wish they would go to 90'-92' width like Finland. Not so wide that it eliminates the physical play, but gives enough width for more skill to show. However, you lose seats by doing this, so it's doubtful it'll happen.

-One that I think will never happen and people will question my IQ on, but I think would be interesting, is the 3rd period does not end until the puck clears the offensive zone or there is a stoppage of play. I.e. 5 seconds left in the game, down by one, team has pressure, instead of time expiring, they play until the defending team gets a stoppage or they clear the zone. Would make the end of games much more interesting.

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