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08-19-2011, 04:12 PM
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I believe it's both, statistical and individual.

Remember, statistics can be individual too. If we're trying to understand whether or not CHL is good or bad, we need to look at the correct statistics and how they apply to certain individuals.

It's doesn't do much good saying that 400 players went to OHL and only 40 of them are still around. What we need to know is how many hundred's stayed in Russia and are still around. And what, if anything do these 40 and 360 have in common. Maybe the difference is not so bad. Or maybe its atrocious.

The only thing KHL can do is stick around, get better every year and wait out until FHR old grumps loose power. And it's coming, because they can't be around forever. The one thing, for sure, that is slowing down Russian hockey right now are the bureaucracies that are caused by people who are extremely incompetent for their positions. What can anyone accomplish when corruption is ramped, and anyone can be side stepped for personal interest. It's the opposite of productive- just take a look at last year's U18 team. Sure, these people have some hockey history from the 70's, but realistically they are out of their league in today's hockey world.

It's clear, on the other hand of the scale you have people like Efimov and Fetisov who are trying to tip the balance towards a more professional era.

Whenever I see a jr team loose, I think it's the FHR and coaches that let us down, not the players.

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