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08-19-2011, 05:44 PM
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Originally Posted by MyersMagic57 View Post
Does it honestly matter whether you make 5 million a year or 8 million a year. Thats still a lot of money and you're still going to be set for life if you're making that over a 5-10 year span. Just take what they offer you because at the end of your career you will still have a lot of money regardless of whether its 60 million over 9 years or 30 million over 9 years
OH HELL YEAH That $3 million makes a big difference. Say we take that $3 mil, and take an above average yearly income of a single person of say $70,000. Divide that 3mil by 70k and you got nearly 43 extra years, of any living expenses (assuming basic ones) paid off. You got a brother Doughty? Hey no problem your **** is paid off. Don't got a brother? Hey the mom's only 45, she doesn't have to work another day in her life. Look at all those basketball ******** having friends and friends of friends living off them in their big ass entourages. Not saying hockey will go down that road (hopefully never), but to say that a $3mil difference is nothing especially considering escrow and taxes is farfetched.

Doughty will stay in LA, just need something to talk about during this summer.

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