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Originally Posted by SergeConstantin74 View Post
The territorial right applies only when a team owns his rights. If a team does own his rights, why can't we know which team?

If he did go through waivers without any other OHL team claiming him, he should be a free agent. Blocking him from becoming a free agent when no one has claimed him is just cheap politics. It's not like Roy broke any rule. He just wants know who claimed him. If he's blocked in the OHL without any team owning his rights, Branch is acting against the rules, not Roy.

Yea im not sure either why this 'mystery team' hasn't come forward.

Quite simple... there's no mystery team. That's a lie. I would bet my car on it.

One way to find out 100% who claimed him is too have Peca himself make public that he "wants" to talk to whoever owns his rights about maybe reporting to the OHL.

That team would then reach out to Peca.

It can be rounded down to just a couple teams though. After/if the Rangers waived him, the next teams in order going by points (if that's how it works unless the automatic 1st and 2nd seedings apply here) are:

Kitchener - 85
Saginaw - 86
Oshawa - 88
Ottawa - 93
Niagara - 96
Mississauga - League finalists.
Owen Sound - League Champs

(I may be corrected on this order)

Unless Ottawa is below Niagara because of being the 2nd seed, after Niagara passed on Peca, there could only be two teams who could have put a claim in on him. Missy or Owen Sound.

Either one of these teams owe Branch a favour?

I don't want to reopen the hornet's nest concerning as to why Missy was awarded the Memorial Cup, but maybe Branch put a call out to Melnyk ....?

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