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08-19-2011, 07:56 PM
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Most recent, obviously. Can't be satisfied just by living in the past. How's that relevant anyway when the league has changed, when most teams weren't around and all.

Fine. Having more cups can make you feel like we are the team with the richest history....but that's all there is. As a matter of fact, us not being able to turn it around since 17 years is not doing a favor to that history of ours.

The only fact here is that the kid who will be drafted in this upcoming June, was NOT born when we won our last cup. And slowly but surely, the same upcoming kids will NOT have fathers that will be able to make them understand, 'cause they had lived it personnally, how that Habs were such a great historic team.

Nobody can ever question or remove what our great team has done in the past. But it's time this great team of ours takes care of the present.

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