Thread: Speculation: Rangers to trade Zuccarello ?
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08-19-2011, 10:43 PM
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Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
AHL points don't equate to NHL points, either.

Anisimov at the age of 20, scored 37 goals, 81 points, in 80 games in the AHL.

He is going to be 23, and has yet to crack 50 points in the NHL. Which he probably will do.

On the flip side, David Booth never reached 20 goals in the NCAA, and played all four years. He scored 30 and never scores less then 20(when healthy) in the NHL.

Scoring or not scoring x amount in another league doesn't mean a player will or wont score x amount in the NHL.

You have to look at what a player can do physically.

Zuccarello has physical limitations, plain and simple. Its not like working on his skating is going to add 5 inches and 50 pounds to him. He's still going to struggle against 6+ foot, 200+ pound defenders.

He still needs to be effective 5v5, too.

He needs to be more then a shootout specialist.

He can't PK, he wasn't getting PP time... what exactly is he contributing that say... Hagelin, couldn't? Hagelin would play the PK, guaranteed. That's at least an extra 2-3 minutes per game of ice time.

How about Thomas? Same issues with size, strength, and defensive liability...but he's by far a better skater and can shoot. And would probably get PP time.

I never said im rooting against Zuccarello. But being realistic, he wont stick in the NHL, not with the Rangers. Not when Kreider, Miller, Yogan, Fasth, and Thomas will all be competing for a spot in September 2012.

If he defies the odds, then Bless him. And great for us.

It doesn't benefit the Rangers if he fails, so why would I WANT that? Im rooting for him, but my expectations for this player are tame. The Rangers need creativity, but they also need a goal scorer, which he is not.
If I remeber it correct,he had 9 of his point from poweplay this season.
And what others say,the team laked creativity last year,in fact,they where boring to loock at at lomge periods.

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