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10-23-2003, 10:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Davisian
I can't believe that nobody's brought up the point that it's pretty friggin' hard to be a consistent Goalie on an expansion franchise..
That's not true. You can be consistent. Sure, the numbers might not be, but the play can be consistent. Dunham is not going to stop the two-on-ones we give up all the time. But we expect him to stop the unscreened wristers from the top of the face off dot. Consistency of play and consistency of statistics are two different things. An expansion goalie probably won't have the latter, but he can sure have the former. Dunham's play was rarely consistent. He would play great one game and be the reason we won. Then, he would play horribly the next game and be the reason we lost.

Don't be so focused on the numbers in this situation. Dunham was an inconsistent goalie for the Predators. The best examples can be shown when compared to Vokoun. Though a lot of times Voukoun got the start at the backend of a back-to-back games, he still outperformed Dunham the past two seasons. Maybe not statistically, but, if you watched the games, it was pretty obvious. There was a reason Dunham was happily let go. Because Vokoun had taken over the job. Vokoun was just as spectacular, yet more consistent. He was what we wanted Dunham to become.

And it turned into a Dunham-intensive conversation because someone said they would rather have Dunham than Vokoun. That sparked every Pred fan's interest. That's why Dunham get's talked about.

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