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08-20-2011, 01:51 AM
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I don't have a go to move. Every single situation is different and so I play each one individually. I probably have a tendency to look to get the defender flat footed by keeping the puck wide and then slipping the puck between their legs and stepping around them, but it's not something I "go to" automatically when I realize I'm one on one. It's a strength, but I play each situation as it arises and have a pretty decent success rate doing so. The game is meant to be played organically; read and react. The only time I have a move in mind before I do it is in a shootout situation (which is usually only goofing around with a goalie one on one anyway since they don't arise often in real games) and even then I'm more inclined to look at what the goalie is doing and react than to try and stick to a predetermined move.

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