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Originally Posted by Fulcrum View Post
It's doesn't do much good saying that 400 players went to OHL and only 40 of them are still around. What we need to know is how many hundred's stayed in Russia and are still around. And what, if anything do these 40 and 360 have in common. Maybe the difference is not so bad. Or maybe its atrocious.
The thing people often fail to realize is that 1/10 of players aged, say 15, still around at 20-21 is probably how it is in any hockey country. People start to go to universities, think about their careers... not all of them can play in NHL and KHL and probably some don't even want to spend their career in VHL club's 3rd line for 1000 bucks per month....

Talent is also a subjective thing. What's a talented player for Latvia is different from what's a talented player for Russia... or for Canada... or for NHL. A guy who is on of the top scorers of Latvian U16 championship is a talented guy here (just an example) but he'll never get drafted in the NHL, he'll maybe make 2nd line of an MHL club one day and will go to play in Finnish 3rd league afterwards... or leave hockey.

Russian people just often don't realize that Canada is constantly producing much better (and much more) talent... and USA and recently Sweden some years too. It's tough to compete out there, there are a lot of players with this ''talent''. And many people don't understand that... and I guess the guys in FHR too, they still live in Soviet times when there was CCCP- KAHADA and that's all... nowadays, if we look at youth championship results, there are a bit more players... and Canada also loses a lot of talent every day, so does any other country...

Of course there's a lot of problems with FHR.... 44-6 shots in Hlinka tournement I think is entirely their fault for bad preparation for the tournament. All I want to say is... nobody will complain about players leaving to CHL when Russia constantly wins U18 and U20 or loses in the final in an equal game... But when there are games like in Hlinka tournament or previous years disasters against Canada or even Switzerland, people try to find fault with other factors simply not wanting to admit... that Russia, due to different reasons, simply cannot produce talents of the same level as Canada at the moment...

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