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08-20-2011, 12:11 PM
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Larsson would be a nice addition and I'm willing to give up Del Zotto, but not Stepan. DZ has yet to reach his full potential and it would be better to let him develop. Stepan is one of our younger centers, but put up 45 points in his rookie season, with 21 goals. Anisimov, Callahan, and Dubinsky didn't reach either for some time, Anisimov has yet to score 20. I understand the logic behind the trade, but it just isn't needed. The Rangers have more than enough defensive depth and the mere fact that you think Larsson is suited for top line minutes in his rookie season is ludicrous.

You also have to think about it, would a long time divisional rival like the Devils give up their best prospect in years? No way. Larsson is a stud and is already built for the NHL. The Devils have a lack of puck moving defenseman and Larsson solves that problem.

Stepan would be nice for the Devils, considering he'd solve any center depth problems and would be a great # 2 for them. Del Zotto, despite being a puck moving defenseman won't provide as much appeal to the Devils. He isn't built like Larsson, and is far too inconsistent. The Devils would want more.

The second deal is laughable and absolutely atrocious at best. There isn't any way the Devils would deal Parise to a rival like the Rangers. Parise is a 90 point player and can dominate with Kovalchuk, there's no reason to trade him for scraps in comparison.

Girardi and Boyle have value, but not nearly enough. They're good, but they aren't all stars. Boyle is still a 4th liner, not a top line player, his 20 goal season doesn't up his value by too much. Girardi is a # 2 on the Rangers, but he'd get downgraded to at leas # 3 on the Devils. He's a solid guy to have, but he doesn't produce that much.

Cam Talbot is less of a player than you make him out to be. He isn't a bonafide goaltending talent, he's an AHL depth goaltender with potential to be a backup. The Devils have Claremont who is much better than Talbot. The mere fact that you think Talbot can replace an NHL great like Brodeur is ridiculous.

The worst thing is that you include a 2nd from New Jersey. You didn't even offer enough for Parise. If you want Parise, your first offer needs to start with Staal or Callahan.

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