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08-20-2011, 12:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Brian Boyle View Post
Why would either team do this, or even contemplate it? It makes no sense, even in principal.

The Devils need a legitimate, two-way, top-4 defenseman — Larsson could be that as early as this season. Stepan/Del Zotto are certainly players that the Devils could benefit from acquiring, but not at the expense of their potential defensive backbone.

Also, the Devils just drafted him 4th overall, and signed him to an ELC. When was the last time a top-5 pick was traded, what, 2 months after he was drafted?

From a Rangers perspective, why do they need Larsson? He would obviously be a fantastic addition, but this seems to be a case of trading just to trade. The organization already has McDonagh, Sauer, Staal, Girardi, Erixon, Del Zotto, Valentenko, and McIlrath in the organization. Aside from Valentenko, those players are/project to be top-4 defenseman. If Larsson was an offensive dynamo, it would make more sense, but the Rangers have plenty of unspectacular two-way defenseman. Of course, you can never have too many of those types, but there is no need. Taking away Stepan weakens the overall center depth, which is fantastic as it stands. Trading Del Zotto creates a HUGE hole in the organization, as he's the only legitimate puck mover/offensive defenseman in the system. He may have struggled last season, but the Rangers still need him.

Stepan put up 45 points last season. Those are 2nd line numbers, and those numbers were put up as a 20 year old rookie.
This times 1000.

This proposal is just a special kind of awful. It's like he thought to himself. "What trade would make the least sense possible for both parties?" Then he proceded to combine...a franchise player, a top 5 pick just 2 months ago, and whatever other crap he could find


a 20 year old future top 6 center, a 21 year old PMD, the only one in the organization for that matter, a top 4 defender, and anything else to make it look even more unrealistic.

Then he concluded that thought with

"That's it! The most imperfect proposal! Let me post it on HFBoards and let the users rip me apart!"

I just don't understand it.

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