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08-20-2011, 01:30 PM
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1. Sharks
2. Canucks
3. Blackhawks
4. Kings
5. Red Wings
6. Ducks
7. Flames
8. Stars
9. Blue Jackets
10. Blues
11. Predators
12. Oilers
13. Wild
14. Coyotes
15. Avalanche

Of my picks, placing the Preds so low is probably the one I am going to get the most flak for but having quality players leave every year and getting absolutely no one in return is eventually going to catch up to a team. This team does have an elite goaltender and a solid D group however I can easily see this team being the worst western conference team in terms of goals for and frankly not many teams last in that category make the playoffs. Not even the magician Barry Trotz or Shea Weber's beard can drag the Preds to the playoffs this year.

Secondly I'm gonna have to defend my "homer" pick of the Stars.

"They didn't make the playoffs last year and then lost their best player how can you justify saying that they'll make the playoffs"

Ya Ya I know B-Rich is gone but remember that this team was one win away from the playoffs last year and what they lost in the elite talent of Brad Richards they did a decent job of filling with the depth provided by Ryder, Fiddler, Dvorak, Dowell, Souray, Pardy, and Godard. This added depth plus the emergence of Jamie Benn should counteract, reasonably effectively, the supposed "crippling" of the team after Richards left.

Their placement also has to do with the offseasons of some of the teams above and around them. The Yotes and Preds both playoff teams last year lost significant pieces while getting nothing in return and should drop in the standings as a result. As for the Blues and Jackets, The Blues stayed relatively stagnant this offseason and are a similar team to the stars in terms of goaltending and defensive depth with slightly worse top end offensive talent and offensive depth which is why I placed them just behind the Stars. The Jackets were one of the biggest movers in the offseason but one must remember just how bad they were last year. I don't think that the additions of Carter and Wisniewski really improve them to the point that in one season with them they are suddenly a playoff team.

I also just want to address the bickering about the Avalanche. This team is horrendous. It's not some conspiracy about how were getting revenge on Avs fans cause the Avs were good in the 00's or any crap like that it's just that the team is truly awful. Duchene could put up 100 goals and 250 points and it's still not going to stop the Avalanche from being scored on 700 times. And for those who think that Varly will be the saviour are in for a rude awakening

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