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08-20-2011, 12:37 PM
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Originally Posted by HagelinForPresident View Post
We can definitely sign him. Clearly him not wanting to sign an extension in NJ is a big part of it, but IMO, I don't think he wants to stay there. They are getting old and worse, Marty is retiring, etc... The Devils are progressively getting worse. Also Kovy has that big contract. Cap space isn't always the answer. The Devs ownership may not want two HUGE contracts like Kovy's and what may be Parise's.

Also, if the cap goes down, so does the respectable pay-out for players. Salaries get cut with the cap going down, so we'd have plenty of space. Also with a lower cap, where Parise may get 8 mil this year, he'll get 6.5 next year because of a lower cap. It all works together, it's not just the cap going down, salaries and cap hits go down as well. Only players we need to re-sign next year are Prust, Biron, and MDZ. The rest can go towards Parise.
There's room, but it may be unlikely. I wouldn't put my money on signing Parise. Believe me, I'd wet myself if we got him, but Jersey has a considerable advantage and isn't exactly getting worse. They're transitioning from an older team to a younger team. We had to go through the same thing, but luckily we didn't have to with a goaltender because of Lundqvist. The Devils are slowly finding a new identity and I'm sure Parise wouldn't want to give up playing with Zajac and Kovalchuk. Zajac isn't the center that Richards is, but Kovalchuk is healthier than Gaborik.

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