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08-20-2011, 01:18 PM
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Originally Posted by EddardStark View Post
Better, I'll take you out to dinner. Lobsters stuffed with tacos.

The Devils have made the playoffs 12 out of 13 years. And we're the ones declining? Oh, baby. You're cute.

I seem to regard 25 million bucks free next season as a VERY good thing. Did you see what Florida did with all their free cap? They made themselves decent. Can you imagine what the Devils would do if given that same opportunity? A winning organization that, quite frankly, is more successful than your own, whether you'd like to admit that or not.

The Devils lost both Stevens AND Niedermayer. In the same year, for different circumstances. At the time, people thought that too big a hole to dig out. The rest is history. We still prove to be dominating forces in the regular season, not so much in the post season, but hey, I never said my team doesn't have room for improvement. You're the one that thinks your team is one Parise away from a Stanley Cup. It isn't that easy.

Yes, a proposed first line of Parise-Richards-Gaborik does sound absolutely ****ing nasty, I'll be the first to admit that. However, where is the chemistry in that line? Absolute zero. A Canadian, an American and a Slovak. Meaning they've never once played all together. It would resemble the great team that Colorado had back in the day.

Selanne, Kariya, Sakic, Forsberg, Roy. Etc. Great on paper, **** result. Sorry bro.

Stepan is good, but he's not out of this world good, nor does his great year in any way, shape or form hint that. As for MDZ, you want to rid him after one bad year.

The Devils would be utter idiots to accept that deal for the best defenseman they've had since the two Scotties.
Who knows if Parise, Richards, and Gaborik will have chemistry, sure. But how do you know those players you sign with your 25 million will have chemistry? And please stop with the playoff BS. I guess because the Isles won 4 Cups in a row, it was impossible for them to decline... jesus listen to your logic.

What past accomplishments have to do with the future, I have no idea, maybe you can explain.

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