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Originally Posted by New York RKY View Post
I don't see any reason they wouldn't hold out to see how good Larsson is. They drafted him with the intention of him being a stud defensemen. I think they have a pretty good idea of the type of player Larsson will develop into and I don't see any reason why they would deal him now, personally.

I don't think you can deal MDZ right now. Will he have value in the future, more than likely yes, but you don't trade when the value is low.

I wouldn't deal for a player right now that hasn't proven anything as you said. Especially since you know what you're getting with Step and MDZ (to a lesser extent).

From the Rangers perspective while Larsson may be a special talent, if we need to deal Girardi it would be for a strictly offensive top pair defensemen, otherwise our top 4 should be set.
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I agree they would probably hold out to see how good Larsson really is live. However, my point is valid, that it is tempting, given their strong needs at 2 positions nicely filled by Stepan + MDZ, and that LL would get 2 immediately useful bodies for 1 best fulfilled near future, but not immediately,

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I would otherwise agree to hold off on MDZ to get maximum return on investment, whether that is playing for us or in trade. However, if Larsson is out of the equation particularly, MDZ will need to be put in the deal, and his value is possibly higher to the devils now than it might be generically later.

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Underline = I'd strictly include girardi for a top offensive D, a la Weber, doughty
However, those would be very expensive packages.
That is why I focused first on getting Larsson now, while his value is unarguably lowest (barring injury or the unforseen), because he hasn't played and is still a while from top potential. Even as a rookie, however we would get a good showing and strong upside potential.
In the part 2 actually stated, we'd be getting Parise, which though only a 1 yr rental for certain, would be expected to be a major scoring boost.

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