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08-20-2011, 05:39 PM
Window shut..for now
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This thread is beyond ridiculous.

1.) The Rangers and Devils have never made a trade with each other, ever.

2.) Lou would dip his nuts in honey before he would ever trade Larsson to the Rangers.

3.) Lou would dip his nuts in honey and then stick them in a beehive before he would ever trade Parise to the Rangers.

4.) The Rangers and Devils have never made a trade with each other...EVER!!!

5.) If these first 4 facts were not 100% true, Lou would probably die of a heart attack from laughing his *** off if we EVER came to him with a ludicrous trade proposal of Boyle and Girardi for Parise, or Stepan and MDZ for Larsson, or any other added parts. If you would ever want Lou to CONSIDER trading Parise, like a previous poster said, you have to START with Callahan or Staal. And not for nothing, but why IN THE WORLD would we consider something like that when Parise is gonna be a UFA at the end of the season??

Ugh..can't freaking wait for the season to start, so we can STOP with these ridiculous trade proposals with a team that would just as soon see us boil in LAVA before they ever traded with us!!

Oh, and one more thing..highly doubt Parise is signing with the Rangers, next year. I know everyone thinks it's some sort of shoe-in because "if he signs with us, we're guaranteed the Cup." And if I'm wrong, I will be the first one on here admitting it while I'm ducking flying objects from my Devils fan wife. But when it is all said and done. He will re-sign with the Devils sometime after January, mark my words on it.

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