Thread: OT: MSG HD on FiOS?
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08-20-2011, 05:39 PM
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Originally Posted by gluvhand View Post
I'm not really disagreeing with anything you're saying put my main point was that even if the box isn't doing any scaling the display is anyway and probably doing a much better job of it. A display can only have one native resolution and will up or downscale an incoming signal to meet that resolution, unless the channel broadcasts in that native resolution. And yes, MSG in SD on Fios is perfectly acceptable to me as well.

One last point. The main reason Fios will always look better than CV or most other cable co's is their ability to not have compress and uncompress channels to get them all to fit. Verizon receives and sends out whatever feed they are receiving so if something doesn't look good on Fios it's probably not their fault. This may already not be the case though. Even Verizon is reaching it's limits, or has, and may have to start piggy backing channels.
As great as the picture may be upscaled, it still will not be widescreen, even though it is stretched to fit your widescreen tv.

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